Monday, 23 September 2013

Training Area: Diet - ex.D1 [WEEKS FOOD]

Thought i'd put down an example of the food I have for lunch/dinner. When training full-time the goal is to eat 5,000 GOOD calories (thats GOOD calories, not just 5 big mac burgers!?!?).

Breakfast everyday: Spanish Tortilla
Breakfast: Spanish tortilla with some tomato salad

Breakfast: Chorizo & Asparagus Scrambled Eggs | Homemade apricot jam
Breakfast: Apple Tart
Lunch: Spicy meatballs with rice
Lunch: Rice, potato and vegetable tambor with breaded turkey.
Lunch: Sausage pasta bake
Lunch: Chicken, Spinach,  Sweetcorn & Ricotta Lasagne
Lunch: Fish Cakes with rice and salad
Dinner: Salmon, Asparagus, Pea & Green Bean Lasagne
Dinner: Above recipes with salad and rice
Dinner: Mushroom Soup with parmesan & rice

Dinner: Cod fillets in tomato and white wine sauce rice and salad
Dinner: Turkey Croquetas with tuna salad and rice
Dinner: Tomato Soup with rice
Dinner: Preparation for Butternut Squash, Bacon & Mushroom Lasagne